About Us

Joe started studying Civil and Structural Engineering at Cork Institute of Technology in 2005 and graduated with an honours degree. Through his time at college the area of most interest to him was housing design. For his final year project he chose to design an A- rated energy efficient house. His project was nominated as the only project from his class to represent the Structural Engineering Department in the Innovative Engineers Awards in Cork where he was placed second runner up. After graduation Joe was offered a position with a Local Authority and worked there until the difficult economic climate meant his contract would not be renewed.

Joe always wanted to run his own business and it seemed only natural after his experience at college to start a business down the route of house design. Although it was a difficult time to start a new business especially for a young engineer, he started his company in June 2009 doing sub-contracting work for local engineering and architectural firms in the County Waterford area.
As with any business Joe was keen to make a good name for himself so his main aim was to always do the highest quality job at the most competitive price.

best place to buy prednisone Joe Moynihan Engineering’s core business is:

  • House and Extension Design and Architecture
  • Site Suitability Assessments
  • Land Surveying
  • Setting out
  • 3D modelling
  • Planning Agent

Through a lot of dedication and hard work Joe has managed to build up a steady client base and has made Joe Moynihan Engineering a successful business in difficult times. When asked what a client can expect if they want to start planning a new home or extension Joe says “we start with a meeting to see exactly what the client wants and sketch out a few ideas.
From there I get to work and draw a design for the client to look at and change in whatever way they wish. Once the client is happy with the final design I do all the necessary surveys and reports and then go through the planning process which I take care of from inception to completion. At that stage all that’s left to do is start building”. Joe says the key to a successful business in his opinion is to make a good reputation.
“Having been in business for a couple of years now I have found that a lot of my new clients are recommended to me by word of mouth from past clients, and that is great for me because it proves that the work I have done is to the best standard”.  When asked what the mood is like among his clients in relation to the current economic climate Joe says “people are very positive and just want to keep going about their business as best they can. “I come across a lot of people that want to build new houses or extend their existing homes as there has never been a better time to build. Labour costs have fallen to a realistic level and most important of all the days of waiting two months for a builder to turn up have gone too.
There are huge savings to be made if people think clever and plan their new build in an economical way. Value for money is more important now than ever and it’s a design principle that I use for every building I design. People cannot afford to spend a fortune anymore but through clever design they don’t have to and that is always emphasised to my clients. When it comes to clever design it helps that I am a structural engineer because I don’t just create a design that looks well, I also think about the practicalities of how to actually build it. That train of thought saves people a lot of money in the long term of the build, and it is something which people often overlook at planning stage. Far too often people use a difficult design and discover that a particular wall or part of the roof will cost them too much to construct when it is too late and building has already begun”.
When asked about the future of the business Joe says “things are looking good for the foreseeable future, I have just secured a multi house development and also have several new one off house designs on the books to keep me busy”. As well as house design and planning work, Joe has worked on many other projects including kitchen and garden designs, warehouse designs, mountain top surveys, car park and playground designs, Astroturf pitch designs and cycle network designs for towns around the country.